The 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Customer Experience Software

The customer landscape is changing. Today’s customers are well-informed. They are less focused on price, and products are more on the experience. 

  • 79% of customers say that experience is as important to them as products or services. 
  • One-in-three customers say that after one bad experience, they’ll walk away from the brand they love. 
  • 42% of customers are willing to pay more for a welcoming experience. 

It is safe to say that customers expect a memorable experience every time they interact with a brand. And, many companies have begun to realize that customer experience is the competitive differentiator. 

But the question remains, 

How can you ensure that you excel in customer experience while thriving in the competitive landscape?

Simple, adopt a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Software. 

However, choosing a CX platform can be overwhelming, especially when you must ensure its POWERFUL + EASY-TO-USE. 

To help you sort through thousands of CX software, we have compiled this buyer’s guide that enables you to evaluate your choices. 

This guide will help you

  • Uncover the importance of customer experience software.
  • Learn what may be stopping you from delivering an extraordinary customer experience.
  • Explore a thorough checklist of features and the value it offers.


What is a Customer Experience Software?

A Customer Experience Software is a tool that helps an organization optimize its interaction with customers throughout the customer journey. The software captures extensive data and provides accurate insight to create a holistic picture of target customers. 

What to look for in Customer Experience Software?

When improving CX, you need a platform that streamlines business efficiency. 

  • Survey building capabilities
  • Data collection and integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Security

We have compiled an exhaustive list of features in our Buyer’s guide to Customer Experience.

Why should I look for Customer Experience Software?

A customer experience software allows your CX team to focus on driving customer engagement and innovate strategies that lead to revenue boosts. By automating the workflow and integrating customer data, CX software enables work collaboration, improving efficiency. 

In the absence of Customer Experience Software, you will face: 

  • Lack of collaboration among teams 
  • Untapped sales opportunities; and 
  • Lower customer satisfaction. 

A CX software gives you the capability to connect with your customers and build a loyal relationship with them. 

What is the advantage of integrated CX Software?

An integrated CX software is flexible and can be deployed across different business functions. An integrated platform ensures that the teams have access to all customer data at every interaction. The platform creates a unified view of customers and updates customer profiles in real-time across the organization.  

An integrated platform is the best bet to prioritize customer experience and offer customers a seamless and connected experience.

How much does it cost for Voxco’s CX platform?

The pricing is dependent on multiple criteria mentioned below:

  • Pricing ranges from $0.4 to $1 per survey complete
  • The number of channels you’re interested in (online, phone, IVR, or offline)
  • Add-ons like Voxco Analytics
  • The number of surveys completes (the number of survey responses you expected over the period of time)
  • Training and Professional Services.

 Voxco offers flexible pricing options for all clients.