See how Siena college conducted 3M phone calls & 96 polls in 2.5 months for the 2018 US Mid-Term elections NYT Upshot Polls. 

In partnership with The Siena College Research Institute (SRCI), The Upshot division of The New York Times launched an unpre­cedented initiative that published live poll results during the 2018 midterm elections. 

Close to one hundred polls were conducted, and 3 million phone calls were made to gauge voter intentions in the most competitive House and Senate races. 

Polling ran for the two months preceding the November 2018 elec­tion day. During this time, the New York Times Upshot readers had access to overall and granular polling results on The NYT website as calls were being completed and reported. 

For total transparency, the site displayed the results of individual calls and how respondents’ voting intentions could potentially change the predicted outcome of the election.  

Download the case study to read how Siena College conducted this massive project with Voxco and partners. 

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Ad Testing Guide-06-01
Ad Testing Guide-06-01