A Buyer’s Guide to Survey Software

We are living in a world of data: 

  • By 2022, there will be 6 billion Internet users  
  • 1.2 trillion searches every year 
  • $1 million per minute spent on commodities on the Internet 

Companies need to use the available information to their benefit. How can they do that? 

Using efficient and sophisticated Survey Software. 

A robust Survey Software helps organizations make data-driven decisions using real-time feedback collection. Survey software is a critical tool for collecting, analyzing, and generating insights. 

We've prepared a comprehensive survey software buyer's guide 2022 to help organizations make an informed decision about which tool best meets their needs.  

[Survey Software Buyer’s Checklist included!]

In this guide, you'll discover: 

  • How to decide what type of survey software might fit your team?
  • The risks and benefits of adopting new survey software.
  • What features to look out for when you're making a purchase decision?
  • Things to consider to ensure a smooth transition to new software.

What should you know before you purchase Survey Software?


You must have noticed the shift caused by the digital revolution in customer demand. It has also accelerated the need for real-time insight for business operations. 

In this consistent flux and trough of customer demands, you need to be more active and fast to analyze and identify every opportunity or problem. 

Survey Software assists companies in creating surveys, conducting research, gathering and analyzing data, and generating insights without leaving the platform. The best survey software can help a company become agile in the erratic market. 


What is survey software?

Survey Software is a data collection platform that gathers data from customers and the target market. The platform offers advanced tools to analyze the data and draw actionable insights to lead companies towards a data-driven decision.

How much does a survey software cost?

The cost of survey software depends on multiple factors like surveys completed, channels of survey distribution, and a number of licenses. Go ahead and get a free quote on our pricing page.

What features you should look for in survey software?

We have discussed this question in detail in our Buyer’s Guide to Survey Software. However to give you a glimpse; the features you should search for in a robust survey software are: 

  • Survey Builder
  • Multiple survey distribution channel
  • Advanced analytics tool
  • Data security 
  • Data integration