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Ad Testing Guide-06-01
Ad Testing Guide-06-01
VOXCO Audience

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See how seamlessly you can create your ideal sample and gather data from audiences worldwide.

10 Mn professionals, 90+ profiling points & 20 to 30% savings over the ad-hoc rate card.

As an on-demand, first-hand insight generation technology, Voxco Audience:
Accelerates survey research with high-quality responses from large proprietary samples.
Improves conversion-to-survey with many panel vendors.
Maximizes impact with high-quality first-hand data.
Helps you conduct on-demand omnichannel survey research.
Enhances data quality with third-party plug-ins.


Ad Testing Guide-06-01

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Siena College uses Voxco to conduct the US Midterm Election Polls

3M phone calls & 96 polls in 2.5 months


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